About us

The automotive lamp production company Jahn was founded in 1965 in Nordhorn / Germany. Our products manufactured by or for us are well known to the international automotive industry and aftermarket for over 50 years. All our European OE products are manufactured in accordance to the DIN 72601, the ECE-regulation no. 37 or 99 as well as the international automotive industry standards.

The Jahn product range consist of more than 500 different types of 6,12, 24, 42, 48 and 84 Volt lamps for various kinds of vehicles, such as Gas Discharge lamps (Xenon), Halogen lamps, Stop/direction and tail lamps, wedge-base and plug-in wedge-base lamps, spare lamp kits, lamp assortments and special type lamps. Our product range is constantly enhanced and expanded in cooperation with the automotive industry.

Besides our standard range, Jahn offers a premium range, based on special lamp designs. Our premium lamps have additional benefits in terms of luminance, color, lifetime, vibration-resistance, robustness or wattage.


Unser Premium Sortiment umfasst:

  • White Light: High intensity discharge lamps with a white light color of up to 5.500°K (like daylight) and 20% more light on the road.
  • More Light: Up 120% more light on the road (increased luminance)
  • Xenon Look: halogen headlight lamps with intense blue-white light and up to 50% more light on the road
  • Long Life: At least double the life time of standard bulbs, suitable for Daytime Running Light (DRL)
  • Heavy Duty Long Life: Maximum vibration-resistance combined with extended life time
  • Heavy Duty: Maximum vibration-resistance and increased robustness.
  • Off -Road: High wattage bulbs, suitable for professional racing and off -road usage (not permitted on public EU roads)